DateFinder Review: Swingers Dating in Melbourne


Swingers Dating in Melbourne just got super easy!

So you know the story. You get to about Thursday and wonder if it’s time to make some plans for the weekend. You and your partner end up with a Saturday night free so you’re both keen to make the most of it. Ideally, you’d love to meet another hot swinging couple and bring them back to your house, but who else is free at such short notice?

In mild panic, you get online and start messaging some sexy people and see who’s interested in meeting but alas! Just about everyone you contact has already made plans. You consider going to a swingers party or swingers club in Melbourne, but even then, it’d be nice to go with other people. Aaaand you’re back at Square One!

RedHotPie DateFinder

How are we Melbourne swingers meant to hook up? Thanks to RedHotPie, swingers dating in Melbourne has never been easier! It’s just a matter of logging into your RedHotPie account and visiting DateFinder. This longtime favourite feature of RHP has had a big revamp this month and it is now more user-friendly than ever before.

Once you know which date (or dates, you cheeky people!), just ‘Add a Date’. You can also set where you want to go on your date so Melburnians visiting interstate can still get some hot swingers action in out of town. After that, specify who you want to meet (other couples, guys or girls etc.) and what you’re hoping to achieve on your date (wink, wink).

Swingers Dating in Melbourne

Once you add a few more optional details, your date is set! Couples who are free on the same night as you will be told that you’re looking for company and they can register their interest in your date/s. When you log back into RedHotPie, you’ll see if there are people who have registered interest so you can check out your potential dates. If some hotties strike your fancy, then accept their interest, or just go on right ahead and send them a message.

DateFinder takes away the guesswork of working out who might be free and nearest to you. It’s been designed to work really well on the RHP mobile App so if you’re already out and about, you can keep track of your dates really easily. My partner and I definitely found it useful the other weekend when our plans changed at the very last minute. We ended up using DateFinder to find a couple who were also already out and within an Uber ride to us in St Kilda. We had a fantastic night!


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